Told in ancient caves around campfires, and recited from bunting-draped, white marble rostrums, Poetry is an ancient and evocative form of expression celebrated in every language and culture around the globe. Evolving into different types and genres, Poetry uses form and interpretation to elicit a response from the reader. Tales of heroism, songs of heartache, all have rhyme, meter, and other stylistic elements unique to their form of expression. Epic to elegy, song to Psalm, Poetry endures and inspires whether written introspectively in a journal, or slammed on a stage.

The Poetry selections on the 2021 Route 1 Reads reading list represent the great Poetry traditions from each of our states. History, homage, reflection, and revolution are distilled down to stanzas, couplets, lines, words.

Whether readers are at home or on the road this summer, we hope that this list of must-read books will keep everyone turning pages until Labor Day. The full list of featured books is listed here, in geographical order from North to South: